Legends tell of heroes on dragonback, shining knights of purity and goodness, and the gods walking amongst mortals. If those days ever existed, they are long past. The knights of today are simply bureaucracy, clerics and healers are nothing but hoaxes, and if there were ever dragons they must be nothing but bones at this point.

You’ve got it good here in Solace, remember that, and care for the Vallenwoods like you would your own mother. Years ago, in the dark times of looting and raiding that followed the Cataclysm, my ancestors had the bright idea to move this inn up into the trees in hopes of avoiding some of the pillaging and looting. Whole town thought they were crazy. But when the next group of bandits came though and their inn was untouched, the whole town followed suit.

The Vallenwoods have become our sanctuary again, just as they were back in those days. Strange things have been walking the roads these last few months. Solace has two advantages; we are at a crossroads so we hear the rumors faster than the rest of the world, and it takes real dedication to attack a town in the trees so most of the poor, down-on-luck types don’t even bother. But rumor has it there are armies massing in the east. Big ones, with strange cloaked figures. Solace will have to take care of itself, just as it has for the last 300 years. The Solamniacs up in the north are too busy squabbling over whose linage is the purest to defend anyone. The mountain dwarves disappeared into their mountain during the cataclysm and no one’s found the way into Thorbardin since. And the elves down in Qualinesti are as like to shoot us for crossing their borders as they would a real threat. So you listen to me…stay here. Stay safe. The Vallenwoods will protect us until this army dies out too. They never last long once they start squabbling with each other over the loot. So don’t leave, don’t go get yourself involved in a fight that’s not yours. There are no heroes these days, you will only get yourself killed.
~Warning from Otik, Inn of the Last Home

Please check out the Wiki for information on available classes and races, as well as updates on specific mechanics for this world. You have the option of rolling your own stats using 4d6, drop the lowest. Or you can use this set of high powered ones: 17, 15, 14, 13, 12, 9. Reminder that you are welcome to join this Sunday April 4th at Jeff’s place for character making and possibly a mini adventure. Otherwise the first session will be April 19th, lets try for 5pm but let me know if it needs to be later. Please message me as soon as you have an idea of what you want to be for your character so I can plot.