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Darvin's notes

Session notes for 5/3/15
Attended: Darvin, Oscar, Keliani, and Veret

The group started in the temple of Mishakal in the ruined city of Xak Tsaroth, after having narrowly escaped from a black dragon. The group explored the temple, finding both a small group of dragonkin (which Darvin quickly dispatched) and a group of Gully Dwarves. The group interrogated the gully dwarves, finding out that the dwarves worked for the dragonkin, that they looked for pretties on their off hours, and that their leader, the Fudge High Bulp, was a few floors below.

Heading down a flight of stairs, the group found a level with a crumbling floor and expansive halls. Exploring a bit, they found what appeared to be the barracks of the gully dwarves. They met a gully dwarf named Boo Poo who told them more about the Fudge and how to get downstairs using the slides and the vines. Darvin and Boo Poo became quick friends when Darvin protected her from the anger of Veret. Boo Poo led the group though safe areas of the floor, avoiding both crumbling floors and dragonkin guards. Near the slides down to the next level, the group found a shambling spirit guard. Keliani helped the spirit onto the next life, then helped herself to the treasure the spirit was guarding.

Back at the slides, Boo Poo tried to tell the group that they should take the safe route down the bakery, but Darvin jumped into the slide before they found out what exact route they should take. Rolling out of control down the slide, Keliani and Boo Poo ended up at the bakery, and the rest ended up in what looked like an upside down attic. There were beams going across the floor, but before they could really get their bearing, they were attacked by a giant spider. Fighting bravely, Darvin was knocked out and started being spun up in webs when Oscar arrived and beheaded the spider with his axe. The group revived Darvin, and explored this upside down house through to an upside down kitchen and an upside down dining hall. In the dining hall, there was a large feast going on, but all of the patrons were on the ceiling.

Finding their way out of the house, the men found what looked like an underground street or city, and joined back up with the rest of the group. The group needed to cross a few rivers to traverse the city, which they did expertly. In the city, they found a building with a spirit inside reading a book. The spirit explained that he would answer one question of a mortal, then disappear. Veret, being the intelligent, kind elf that he was, was confused by the spirit and proceeded to ask him “so what’s your curse?” The spirit politely explained again, then disappeared, leaving the group more confused than when they started.

Back outside the house, the group headed for a large building at the end of the street, although they had to cross another river to get there. Entering the building, the spirits there explained it was a bank and the group would need to pay their way across. Fortunately, Keliani had earlier picked up a lantern encrusted with emeralds from the spirit guard, and was able to bargain passage with that artifact. At the back of the bank, they found some arches that transported them to an even lower level of the cavern. There was another underground river on the lower levels, but they were not as fortunate in crossing this time. Oscar lost his balance as was being rushed away by the current.

Suddenly, a boomerang with a rope attached swung out and wrapped around Oscar, pulling him to safety. At the other end of the rope was a human woman. The woman introduced herself as Sunstar, and explained how she was kidnapped from her tribe by the dragonkin and brought to Xak Tsaroth as slaves for the dragon. She explained that her brother Raveneye was also being held by the dragon in a prison cell closer to the dragon. The group agreed to save him, but first they wanted to find the Fudge. Boo Poo led them to an area of the floor inhabited by the gully dwarves, but couldn’t point them to the exact room Fudge was hiding in. After some light exploration, they found the room and talked to Fudge. He explained the layout of the dragon’s lair and told them some of the stuff he and his men overheard about a coming war. The group decided to follow the path past the prison cells and towards the back entrance of the dragons chamber.

They followed through on this plan, taking out the dragonkin guards and reuniting Sunstar and Raveneye. Leaving the brother and sister behind, the group continued to the dragons chamber. They thought they were going to get the element of surprise, going in the back door and all, but e dragon was expecting them. After a short session of threats and gloating and questioning the sex lives of dragons, the dragon attacked, shooting a face full of acid onto Oscar and Keliani. Veret, remembering the guidance to present his staff to the dragon, took this to mean he should hit the dragon with the full force of magic left in the staff. A massive one-in-twenty chance hit caused magical blue light to be emitted from the staff. The dragon and Veret were engulfed in the light and disappeared.

As soon as the dragon disappears, an earthquake rips through the dragons lair, beginning to crumble and bury they cavern they’re standing in. The group has barely enough time to grab what they think are the discs of Mishakal and exit the cavern. Running back the way they came, they find themselves in the archway that teleported them down to this level. On a chance, they try going through one of the other arches and find themselves in a whole other part of Xak Tsaroth, in a tower, overlooking the temple. There are gully dwarves and dragonkin running out of the temple and other cracks in the ground for safety as the whole ruined city shakes around them.

Meanwhile, Veret wakes up in the temple of Mishakal, back where this adventure started. He now has the symbol of Mishakal permanently scarred into his chest, and quickly intuits that he has the power of divine magic. He quickly exits the temple and escapes the city with the rest of the group.



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