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looooong update

Ooh man, its been awhile, and you guys have done a lot of stuff. Lets see…

After meeting back up in Solace you all traveled north to Xak Tsaroth attempting to figure out the origin of the Blue Crystal Staff. You found gully dwarves, draconians, and a big black dragon. The dragon had the Disks of Mishakal, a necessary part of bringing the gods back to the world. Varet hit the dragon with the staff and both were consumed by blue fire. As the ruins started collapsing around you, you made your way back up to the temple entrance and found Varet asleep under the statue of the goddess with a Medallion of Faith around his neck.

You then made your way back to Solace but found that the village was now occupied by forces of the Dragonarmies. After sneaking into town you got updates from Tika, the serving girl at the Inn of the Last Home, about how the city was attacked. Eventually you were all arrested by the dragonarmy forces and thrown into cages to be taken to the mines at Pax Tharkas. On the way there, however, you were rescued by a squad of elves who came to free their Prince but took you all back to the city of Qualinesti for a meeting with the Speaker. He petitioned you to attack the mine and free the slaves held there, mostly as a cover for his people to escape. When the elven princess was kidnapped you agreed to take the mission.

At the mine, you found more gully dwarves who helped you sneak up and steal the children of the prisoners from a blind red dragon. With the children safe, the women agreed to your plan and you all rushed out to the men slaving in the mines to encourage them to rise up. Which they did. Right before a giant red dragon and the Dragon Highlord Verminaard burst into the sky and threatened you all with doom and destruction. The blind old red dragon was worried that the poor children would be hurt and launched herself at Verminaard and his mount, giving you all time to escape into the mountain passes while they fought.

In the passes a council of leaders was formed to try to figure out where to go. To Varet’s great displeasure, you were only asked to be advisers to the council. Still, with your help they found a bit of relief in a valley which will temporarily hide them away. Since you figured they were safe, you wandered off to investigate a nearby ruin shaped like a skull. For no reason except why not.

There you woke a bronze dragon who ended up wanting to be friends, and who filled you in about a bit of history concerning metallic dragons and their enmity with the chromatic ones. He would not follow you down the hole in the center of the skull, but he did agree to guard your back while you adventured forth. Deep in the hole you found the remains of the stronghold of Fistandantalis, and all his magical creatures and traps. You also found a little Kender named Fey singing about Skulls and Dust. This made more sense in the final room of the stronghold where the skull of the dark wizard hovered suspended amid a swirling vortex of dust. Past this skull (which she tried to steal but eventually returned) was a treasure vault containing a map to the ancient dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin and a help with the soul of their Prince Grallen, who gave you the passphrase necessary to get in….



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