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The SkullCap Sessions Recap

Varet's Log

Darvin tells me it might make me better at dealing with my anger if I write my feelings down instead of letting them fly when something triggere them. I think that’s really stupid, buy DV’s been hurt ever since the Skull so I’m trying it. So far it’s stupid and no one’s ever going to read it because they’ll all be too dead probably.

Anyway, after we found a home for the refugees we found a gigantic skull we had heard about so naturally we decided to spelunk it. The story is, apparently, some mage duped the hill dwarves into thinking he could contact the mountain dwarves, but instead he just exploded and this is what’s left. Dwarves are gullible and wizards are dangerous is the lesson of that story. Anyway.
We fought some flying skulls on our way in, but the real important thing in there was the dragons. The first one was a hideous black dragon whom I neglected to brag that I had murdered one like him to. He called Darvin “master” and requested to be released. Darvin did, and it flew away, and I hope we don’t see it again. I wish we could have killed it.
The second was a little one, a child dragon, who appeared to be frozen in time. A piece of adamantium unfroze him and he joined us because he was a good dragon, which I guess is a thing. Dragons can believe strange things too.

We climbed further down into the skull, and rested. In the morning we were unexpectedly joined by a nature spirit, which described itself as a “Mini-Taur.” It seems the spirit will be joining us, which I believe means nature is trying to send a message. I must listen carefully to what the Spirit says. Darvin is not convinced of the spirit, which lead to a fight in which he jumped into a hydra pit. We all survived, but for a second I was pretty sure we’d lose Darvin. I felt bad about that. I feel so stupid writing that. There’s a reason bears don’t write in journals, they’re too busy being fucking bears.

After a few occult roadblocks, we reached a central chamber containing a skull. Darvin, assumedly still hurt from the fight, wanted to DESTROY the skull, while everyone else wanted to keep it intact. I mean, what if it unleashed evil spirits? Darvin tried to steal it from us- sometimes, we’re quite alike- and we stopped him. I tried to save him from the mind control it must have been casting on him, but it didn’t take. In the end, we agreed to leave it behind.
In a pile of treasure we found a crown that posessed Oskar and he told us where to find the entrance to the Mountain Dwarves’ home. I don’t want to go there, it sounds shitty and dark. What do they eat if they live in a mountain?
That’s enough of this. Journals are still a waste of time. I could have been looking for faces in the moon this whole time.



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