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The tomb of King Duncan, part 2

The adventure party of super awesome best friends started the session in the exact place they left the previous: staring at a wobbly bridge over a chasm in the tomb of the Dwarven king Duncan. They were searching for the Hammer of Kharas, an ancient relic the Council of Thanes requested they recover. Quickly crossing the chasm on a nearby rope bridge, the group braved more insane traps. A room with an obvious trapped lever that would bake them alive, bake them with fire!
Finally they found the burial chamber of King Duncan. Inside his sarcophagus was a great relic: a large ax. Also in the room was a large golden anvil, but contrary to the party’s actions they could not get anything resembling a hammer to appear. They tried everything they could think of: dressing the skeleton of Duncan in armor from one of the statues in the room (which in retrospect is actually pretty disrespectful to the dead), locking and unlocking the chests, trying to slam their dwarf companion calling himself Kharas into the anvil. Their only recourse was to continue exploring the tomb.
Back on an upper level, they were met with two surprises: one was a great hoarde of dragonkin on the ground approaching the lake the tomb floated above, and the other was the three wyverns attacking from the sky! The group bravely fought off the wyverns, and continued searching the tomb. They followed the occasional gonging sound they heard in the distance and found the hammer hanging from a rope in a tower. And they found out the dwarf they thought was Kharas wasn’t Kharas at all! It was the guardian of the tomb, judging whether the party was worthy to take the hammer. He revealed his true form when the group was leaving the tomb and ran into a large red dragon! With not-Kharas’ help they defeated the dragon and absconded from the tomb on flying horses that grew out of magical statues.
On the way back to Thorbardin to return the hammer to the council of Thanes, the group was stopped by Rance, rival Thane to the Hylars and in apparent league with the dragons. The group was surrounded by 80 dwarves, have talked to their last breath, and now the dwarves close to attack…



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