Arthur Greymantle

a Knight of Solamnia


Born to a noble family in northern Solamnia, Arthur is an only child. When he was young he lived with his mother at her family’s holdings in Ergoth to escape the peasant uprisings in Solamnia, during which his father, a Knight of the Crown, was killed. After that, Arthur’s mother remained in Ergoth while Arthur squired for an old Knight of the Sword named Barristan, who had been his father’s friend and mentor.

Initially Arthur was filled with rage against the peasants, blaming them for his father’s death and planning revenge on every one of them. Barristan eventually turned his opinions on the topic around, explaining that the rebellion had been caused by relatively few nobles committing several atrocities. Arthur’s father, while not one of those, died in an attempt to end the fighting. The peasants who killed him were lashing out at all nobles indiscriminately.

Arthur’s rage is in the past now, though he still dusts it off for important occasions (such as righting wrongs and delivering justice to the wicked) He and Barristan returned to Gremantle Keep about 10 years after the rebellion, cleared out the bandits inhabiting it, and began training the local peasants as a militia to help stabilize the region. Barristan was given his own command of a dozen knights, and Arthur himself was finally knighted as reward for their efforts.

Arthur spent the next few years wandering the lands, and made many new friends in unlikely places, including mages, elves, dwarves, half-elves, even kender! Though the order of knighthood frowns on relationships with such questionable people, Arthur defies that sentiment. It has made him somewhat unpopular with his peers, but since he spends so much time traveling these days that hardly bothers him. In fact, the quest he and his friends undertook five years ago when they separated to seek knowledge of the old gods may one day have unforseen impact on the Knights of Solamnia. ..and everyone else.

Arthur Greymantle

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