Jeff's PC: TBD


Half elf wizard, school of transmutation, entertainer background
Father was an elf, mother was a human. Raised by mother in human society but always felt like an outcast. Outgoing. In search of father. Found that human kids would pay attention to him when he did tricks, so he learned magic. Found work as a trickster magician in a traveling bards troupe.
Learned magic from another member of the troupe, who was an older hedge wizard.
What caused him to become an adventurer? His mother told him on her deathbed about his father. A clue to find him. She gave him a small key that she told him could open the way to his father.
-gives fancy names to his items, even if they’re mundane items.
-more street-smart than scholarly
-good with his hands
-tendency to speak before he thinks

How was his upbringing as a half-elf?
His mother raised him full human. Cut down his ears? In later years he embraced his elven heritage. Has both a human name and an elven name. He gave himself the elven name. He goes by the human name.

Also want to create background for my spell book. Named the Coruscant Atlas.


Jeff's PC: TBD

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