Dragonlance Next

The Story Begins...
It was a crisp fall day

It has been 5 long years since you last saw your friends. You were all sitting around the fire at the Inn of the Last Home eating Otik’s famous spiced potatoes and discussing the rumors. Rumors of war. Rumors of magic. Rumors of mystics and healings. Each of you had concerns, each of you wished to understand the changes you felt coming. So you all went your separate ways with a promise: to return with news on this day and share what you had learned. Together you believed you could fight against the dangers in the darkness but without dispersing you could not learn the best way to do so, or even what it was you must fight.
And now you are on your way back. You can already see the Vallenwoods in the distance, although given the size of the trees that still means a few more hours of travel. But from the looks of it, you think you will make it to Solace before dusk…

I can post little updates after each session, but I think it would be awesome if someone were to write a “journal” from their characters perspective. The day we start will be the 13th day in the month of Autumn Harvest. Keeping track of the date will be important, especially for any wizards who will gain bonus abilities based on the phase their moon is in.


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