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Dealings with Dwarves

Whatcha doin in Thorbardin?

After securing temporary safety for the refugees in a hidden valley and finding a map to Thorbardin, the party made their way into the mountains in search of hidden doors. You were joined by a kender, a minotaur, and a bard. Suddenly all diplomatic decisions were turning out differently. You found the secret door and broke it, opening the way for others to find the hidden dwarven kingdom. Oh noes! You made your way inside and found that there is all kinds of drama going on with dwarven politics, which you have sadly just been pulled in the middle of. Because of your generosity in returning them the helm of a fallen hero, the council of Thanes considers your request for safe haven for the refugees. Their conditions are that you retrieved the Hammer of Kharas from King Duncan’s tomb, so that they can name a new high king, and that the refugees not settle within their mountains but instead in one of the safe mountain valleys surrounding them.
You ventured to the tomb with Arman, son of the Hylar council member, at your side. You found it to be a magical floating island with a castle. It was full of strange mists, voices, and strange lights. And an old dwarf sleeping by a fountain who seems to be Kharas himself.
Will you find the hammer? Is the old man Kharas? Will the refugees be saved? Will Carlucci talk himself into trouble?
Find out tonight!



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