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A letter Varet Wrote

My Dearest Alhana,
I hope you are having good fortune rebuilding Silvanost. When you see the task as overwhelming, just imagine that I’m an eagle and you can fly on my back. The weight of the world must be on your shoulders. But I believe in you, and you will succeed, and make your father proud.
I wish I were with you. Flotsam is a hellhole of a town- both the dragon army and the Silver Fox’s resistance are huge assholes and I hope they burn each other to death at the same time. It would do the sea a favor by taking the war away from it. The sea is nice. I want to become a whale and swim in it. I may not get time, though, as I took a Tome of Wisdom from the Kender’s incredible treasure pile. I’m spending as much time as I can reading it; hopefully it will make my magic more potent.
The Dragon Army is enacting a strict policy of genocide against Elves, meaning Darvin and I have been disguising ourselves as lieutenants in the Dragon Army. With the benefit of hindsight, I’d rather we were lower ranking.
Evidently the Ogres and the Dragons were meeting to discuss a truce. Our party managed to pass ourselves off as representatives of the Blue Lady, and we really made it seem like she wanted to ruin the truce. I was definitely mistaken for the leader of the party, and manipulated the ogres into fighting the dragons. You would have been proud. I was very confrontational and standoffish. It took a lot of acting.
We escaped the fight. And I turned into a shark and we swam to a boat, which was captained by a… pirate? I think she was a pirate. Pirates, as a general rule, think they’re hot shit. They are usually wrong. I would prefer to have more shark time, or maybe I’ll try a humpback whale at some point. They are lovely creatures.
The hawk I sent this letter with is named Kallor and she loves being fed roasted rabbit. If you have the opportunity, she would sure appreciate being fed. I really talked up the majesty and luxury of Silvanost to her, so it wouldn’t hurt to impress her.
L Sincerely Yours,



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